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Blogs zijn een makkelijke manier om uw eigen, regelmatig aan te passen homepagina over uw leven te creëren op Ze zijn een geweldige manier om meer te weten te komen over andere leden en anderen meer te vertellen over uzelf en uw ervaringen met mensen die u via heeft leren kennen! U kunt publicaties van anderen lezen of begin uw eigen blog - het is heel eenvoudig!

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door  rosaenaluin   59V
Recipe 3 20 maart 12:40 am
Let's spend the night together I know you want it too The magic of the moment Is what I've got for y 206 19 maart 10:54 pm
How does it fell babe To taste sweet revenge Do you want me on my knees How does it feel babe 214 19 maart 10:48 pm
It's early morning The sun comes out Last night was shaking And pretty loud My cat is purring It scr 223 19 maart 10:42 pm
Girl, you really got me now You got me so I don't know what I'm doin' Girl, you really got me now 233 19 maart 10:36 pm
I live my life like there's no tomorrow And all I've got I had to steal Least I don't need to beg o 242 19 maart 10:31 pm
I get up, and nothing gets me down. You got it tough. I've seen the toughest all around. And I know, 248 19 maart 10:25 pm
Once upon a time not so long ago. Tommy used to work on the docks. Union's been on strike. He's dow 58 19 maart 10:19 pm
Rainy night and we worked all day We both got jobs 'cause there's bills to pay We got something th 60 19 maart 10:12 pm
On the street where you live girls talk about their social lives They're made of lipstick, plastic a 64 19 maart 10:06 pm
Well I'm an outlaw I make my living on the run My life is lonely But I was born to need no one Alway 63 19 maart 10:00 pm
You're headed for the spotlight, I know you can go far You can do anything just follow your heart Ju 61 19 maart 9:55 pm
I never thought you'd hurt me I guess you live and learn That when you're playin' with fire you're b 65 19 maart 9:50 pm
I was a loner crusin' with the wind I wasn't lookin' when you pulled me in I had to leave you like I 62 19 maart 9:41 pm
Dressed to kill and lookin' dynomite, with her high-laced stockings and her sweater so tight. I aske 61 19 maart 9:35 pm
I don't wanna hear about it anymore It's a shame I've got to live without you anymore There's a fire 59 19 maart 9:27 pm
So this is love or so you tell me as you're walkin out the door the months go by and I know for cert 58 19 maart 9:21 pm
Yeah Morning came and I was on my way When you reminded me I had too soon forgotten It was you that 71 19 maart 9:12 pm
You don't make it easy, you never keep it straight But you're so damn sexy, I can't keep away I need 70 19 maart 9:05 pm
Told you I had to leave, I had my reasons I said that it hurt to stay, the way that I'm feelin' It' 67 19 maart 8:57 pm

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