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Les blogs sont une façon simple de créer votre propre page d'accueil mise à jour régulièrement pour parler de votre vie sur ALT.com. C'est un excellent moyen de mieux découvrir les autres membres et de vous révéler davantage ainsi que vos expériences personnelles des rencontres faites sur ALT.com ! Vous pouvez lire les publications des autres membres ou commencez le vôtre. C'est facile !

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Blog / Créateur
Mon Blog
par  fontainenympho   104H/55F
One of my favorite games 50 17/4 21h30
Mon Blog
par  fontainenympho   104H/55F
The men are here on Alt as for this, enjoy!!! 314 13/4 9h28
Oeuf 920 31/3 19h49
Mon Blog
par  fontainenympho   104H/55F
fist 2 2465 22/3 22h18
So True.... 7 19/4 7h54
Lock that boy up...? 96 19/4 5h36
Porn Star Of The Day 69 19/4 5h33
Vladvampirelord's Vampires 76 19/4 5h26
Faded Grecian Goddess 26 19/4 5h08
I have a weaponized sample of MC Hammer's "Can't Touch This" 70 19/4 5h08
On pain, choices, safewords .. and communications 168 19/4 4h54
A funny for today, so hard... ;) 82 19/4 4h53
Good Wood (#16). 47 19/4 4h33
Pearls to restraint her 81 19/4 4h26
My Blog
par  taximan6752   62H
fufilling needs and some wishes 106 19/4 4h21
You can't touch this [5x] My, my, my, my music hits me so hard Makes me say, "Oh my Lord, Thank you 159 18/4 23h35
this song is going out to the whole wide world out there and it’s called louie, louie i was talking 158 18/4 23h29
I saw you (and him, and him) Walking in the rain You were holding hands and I’ll Never be the same 160 18/4 23h21
[Kangol] Yo emd [Emd] Yeah, what's up man? [Kangol] There goes that girl they call Roxanne. She's al 108 18/4 23h12
Ah yeah, I'm with this I'm just gonna sit here laid back to this nice mellow beat, you know And drop 105 18/4 23h05

Les publications les plus actives récemment (un par blog)

Blog / Créateur
Mon Blog
par  fontainenympho   104H/55F
The men are here on Alt as for this, enjoy!!! 314 18/4
Oeuf 920 1/4
Vlad 2572 18/4
Oh fuck, well I'll say it then 15395 8/4
Ghosting from a Woman’s Viewpoint 13299 15/4
I think I may have broken My Sir... 1117 19/4
oh boy are we in trouble... 4189 10/4
Compromising Positions 2331 6/4
Are there Blogging Rules? 1255 9/4
Best hangover cure??? 707 17/4
I swallowed hard and submitted to her will. 5414 16/4
J. C. has risen from the grave 7625 5/4
Mon Blog
par  rosaenaluin   59F
I have this problem...... 1668 6/4
Tweaking the Twig Tuesday 1343 30/3
Mistress' Efforts 1169 17/4
Dominance and creativity 4136 14/4
PLEASE CUT AND PASTE ..to all scammers ) 2306 31/3
My first attempt at public exposure 822 12/4
A Brain Teaser... 956 31/3
shits real when there is a consent form signed 1469 15/4

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Site Interaction
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Cum on her
 par ootdoorsy 45/40C
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