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Les blogs sont une façon simple de créer votre propre page d'accueil mise à jour régulièrement pour parler de votre vie sur ALT.com. C'est un excellent moyen de mieux découvrir les autres membres et de vous révéler davantage ainsi que vos expériences personnelles des rencontres faites sur ALT.com ! Vous pouvez lire les publications des autres membres ou commencez le vôtre. C'est facile !

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Blog / Créateur
Mon Blog
par  fontainenympho   104H/55F
plus de piercings sur ma chatte 338 9/1 20h03
Happy Birthday, Dicktosuck, er, DiscoSocks..sighs..That means you, Vlad Honey 26 23/1 2h17
Sin N Men
par  MicheleDeSade    27F
This town needs an enema... 38 22/1 23h07
I saw a picture yesterday You know the one we were laughing in the rain 90 22/1 21h00
One more time One more time One more time we're gonna celebrate 85 22/1 20h52
I'm a, I'm a I'm a dreamer Love life and laughter is all I believe 85 22/1 20h47
I don't wanna say I'm sorry Cause I know there is nothing wrong 84 22/1 20h40
The kisses of the sun Were sweet I didn't blink 87 22/1 20h33
I want it Oh, I want your soul Do you want it right now? 86 22/1 20h26
My feeling, feeling, my feeling, feeling My feeling, feeling, my feeling, feeling 86 22/1 20h19
Yo listen up, here's the story About a little guy that lives in a blue world... 9 22/1 20h12
Ahahum, Ahahum Ahahum, Ahahum Must be the reason why I'm king of my castle 8 22/1 20h05
When I met you You were so unique You had a little thing I'd love to keep... 12 22/1 19h58
Ooh baby, I feel right The music sounds better with you Love might bring us both together... 13 22/1 19h47
Hey! What's wrong with you? You're looking kinda down to me-e 16 22/1 19h41
You don't even know me You say that I'm not living right You don't understand me 24 22/1 19h28
If For No Other Reason... 33 22/1 18h44
We started dancing and love put us into a groove As soon as we started to move. 47 22/1 17h25
A-E-A-E-I-O-U-U I sometimes cry A-E-A-E-I-O-U-U I sometimes cry 42 22/1 17h22
If you look around The whole world is coming together now. 38 22/1 17h16

Les publications les plus actives récemment (un par blog)

Blog / Créateur
Mon Blog
par  fontainenympho   104H/55F
plus de piercings sur ma chatte 338 22/1
Be Porn 2327 22/1
do you trust them ? 657 18/1
Mon Blog
par  cuteinva72   45F
Are there any real people on this site? 576 18/1
Word of the month for January 2018 654 21/1
Used to be 612 22/1
Intervention Needed??? 1235 22/1
Date your Own Species 675 21/1
Well, that brings it into perspective... 628 19/1
Everybody had a wet dream. 511 14/1
How to stay Karma! 823 20/1
Herds of submissives 1359 12/1
getting some things done 1246 21/1
The last Sunday 2223 6/1
par  MissLadywood   45F
I Did it My Way 2562 5/1
This is what I crave 5295 21/1
Kat say's...
par  Maxkat12   46F
So ya think 1848 5/1
Mon Blog
par  Jackiehere   33F
open wide 629 23/1
Fucked Myself Up 655 15/1
Alt Def 4218 4/1

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68 votes en 22 jours
 par LX_ndrws  44H
57 votes en 27 jours
Fav body part
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